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Queenscliff is a small town on the Bellarine Peninsula in southern Victoria, Australia, south of Swan Bay at the entrance to Port Phillip. It is the administrative centre for the Borough of Queenscliffe. . . The area was first surveyed in 1803.

Queenscliff is named after Queen Victoria and was originally known as “the top” or “the head”. The town has a long history as an important shipping port and service centre for nearby townships such as Barwon Heads, St Leonards and Portarlington. The town also boasts many historic buildings including churches and hotels which are well worth visiting while you are there!

The Queenscliff Pier is a feature of the town and is one of the longest in Victoria. It was built in 1885 and has been restored several times since then. The pier is well known as a popular fishing spot, particularly for flathead and whiting. The Queenscliff Lighthouse was built in 1891 after the first lighthouse on this site was destroyed by a storm in 1889. It is one of only two Victorian lighthouses which have an attached cottage. and is still in use today.

Historic walks or fun on the water.

Queenscliff is a unique destination for tourists looking for historic walks or enjoyment on the water. There are many attractions in Queenscliff that you can visit while you’re there, and they’re all located within walking distance of each other.

In addition to many historically significant buildings, there are several beautiful parks and gardens around Queenscliff such as the Botanic Gardens and Lover’s Walk Park. There are also some great museums such as the Maritime Museum and Flinders Street Station Museum.

Today, Queenscliff is a popular tourist destination with its picturesque beaches, historic buildings, and unique attractions. To learn more about the history of this fascinating town, one can explore its historical maps. These maps provide an interesting overview of the area’s past and show how it has changed over time. They also highlight some of the key sites associated with Queenscliff’s history such as Fort Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale Lighthouse.

Queenscliff Township


Historic maps

The history of Queenscliff can be explored through various maps that have been created over the years. These maps show how the area has changed over time and provide an insight into the town’s past. They also give us an idea of how different groups of people have interacted with each other and their environment throughout Queenscliff’s history. By looking at these historical maps, we can gain a better understanding of Queenscliff’s unique culture and heritage.